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10 Date Night Ideas after a long week of work!

Is it possible to put 100% into your business and still find the time to date? Better question, if you do allow time to go on a date, what would that night look like? Don't even try to stress yourself out thinking about it, we got you sis! We put together a list of fun activties that you can do with your boo-thing after a long week of work that will allow you to let loose and take your mind off of work and enjoy the moment! Check our 15 date night selection below!

1. Visit a museum and learn something new!

What better way to enjoy each other's company than visiting a museum together and learning history or admiring art. You'll get to communicate with each other on a different level, intellectually.

2. Go visit a karaoke bar, and actually participate in karaoke together!

If you just need a good night of fun and good music, karaoke bars are a perfect choice. Your night will be full of laughs, and you two will be each other's biggest fans and hype men throughout the night.

3.Take a Salsa Class together.

Dance the night away! Salsa classes are so fun and intimate. You guys will definitely enjoy taking salsa classes for a date night.

4.Get dressed up and head to a fancy restaurant.

Ladies, this is your chance yo get dolled up! It's nothing better than getting sexy for your man and hitting the town. Trust us, he will love showing you off the entire night.

5.Head to a drive -thru movie (preferably in the summer time)

Drive through movies are so romantic. You'll enjoy cuddling up with your boo while sitting under the stars. Oh and in drive-thru movies you can get as touchy feely as you want without distracting your neighbors.

6.Have a private game night with just the two of you! (There are no limits to what type of games you play)

It's nothing wrong with a little competition. Especially when you are playing with bae! Make up your own rules, and let the fun begin!

7.Find a roof top pool and go swimming or sit in the jacuzzi with wine.

Late night swim any one? Cuddling up in the pool or Jacuzzi is always a fun time, especially if you add a little wine to the fun!

8.Go Ice Skating

Not only is this a fun date night, but it's also great exercise. Oh and the best part about this date is that you know every time you fall on your but, bae will be right there to pick you up!

9.Plan a picnic

Yes a real picnic! With the blanket, the sandwiches made from love, the whole sha-bang! Enjoy good food and a good time while watching the sun set.

10.Go to a wine tasting.

Who doesn't love a good wine tasting? You'll enjoy learning about all the different types of wine, and figuring out what you like and don't night. This will come in handy the next time you guys decide to have a dinner date!

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