5 Must-Have Apps To Level Up Your Social Media.

Every girl boss needs go-to apps that makes her social media worth having. Out of the million apps in the App Store and Google Play, there are five that have the capabilities to boost your social media presence, increase your followers and perfect your content all in one. Here are our favorites:

1. Pinterest

Color aesthetics are like an influencer’s face card on social media! Pinterest is home to the beautiful hues of photos and catchy quotes that you’ve been admiring on your favorite person’s profile.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Why pay a video producer hundreds of dollars on a short video that you can edit yourself? Surprise your followers by switching up your online content to eye-catching video clips.

3. Canva

This app is the best friend of all entrepreneurs who are in the beginning stages of graphic design. From social media graphics to business cards, this app has templates that you can personalize and make unique.

4. Planoly

Back-to-back class lectures and business meetings takes up the entire day, making it difficult for you to keep your Instagram updated. Well good news...the Planoly app will be your biggest stress reliever when it comes to automatic posting!

5. Hootsuite

If you thought Planoly was cool, you would fall in love with Hootsuite! Not only does it help schedule and manage Instagram accounts but it also manages Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest too!

We hope this read was helpful! Download the apps and let us know your thoughts!

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