Being Bossy on the inside and outside !

We've all heard the saying “fake it till you make it” but when it comes to being a boss and having inner peace, faking it won't cut it for your career and soul! Being a boss isn’t only about how you carry yourself, your work ethic or how you treat others, but it’s also about your mindset and heart. Have you ever been around someone whose vibes just weren't right? Well, Girl Bosses can unintentionally give off those vibes too. No one wants to be the boss that people can't stand to be around or be the boss that others don't want to do business with because their vibes are off! 

You can fake it until you make it in your career but you can never fake positivity and peacefulness in your heart. You can bring in top dollars and still not find peace in your everyday life. You can be the perfect picture, but still feel like your missing a peace to complete you. So we are encouraging those who have been faking it, to give yourself a reality check! Check out these few tips to help you be a boss inside and out! 

Start your day with prayer, affirmations or quiet time.

Karen Civil said it herself that she starts her day with prayer and ends her day with a motivational podcast. If this mogul can take time out of her day to have quiet time and prepare her spirit then you can too. 

2. Set weekly goals.

There can be so many ideas, goals and products swimming around in your head... but they won't get completed on time until you write them down and mark them off. 

3. Meditate weekly

Busy isn't the word for some women entrepreneurs and taking the time to visit a spa isn't on anyone's business calendar so mediation is the best answer! Making space in your home or office for 10min of meditation can calm your body, clear your mind and get you back on track. When you're having mind blocks, stressed over orders or an emotional overload: deep breathing, lavender oil and burning a candle can help you through these moments.

4. Talk to your girlfriends

We all need friends to keep us sane! Whether you have 1 close friend or 10 friends from grade school speaking to a friend who is in the same field as you or has another career path will give you ideas from another point of view and just a person to lean on or celebrate with! Trust me, there's not a better feeling than catching up with a good friend, drinking wine and having great conversation! 

For more information follow Emma J. on Instagram @fromemmaj and her mental health business @simple_healing! 

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