On The Run: Loungewear

Being young and successful women, appearance is very important to us, and for our brands. I have a few friends who are business owners and professional women, and we all deeply feel that how we portray ourselves to the world, is what will be associated with our brands. Some of the ladies I know, even feel the need to throw on expensive kicks and makeup to run to the convenience store to maintain their “brand look”. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for looking nice, because for me, and a lot of people, it emphasizes your day before it even gets started. On the contrary, being a full time working woman, women should feel comfortable with how they look going out while being in a relaxed state sometimes.

With that being said, I am loving the introduction of stylish loungewear. It feels nice to know, and it is very empowering to see women comfortably going out to run their errands in comfy attire such as leggings, joggers, baseball caps, etc. I know that it can take a toll to feel pressured to look absolutely perfect (professional) on a daily basis. While we all love the professional look once it’s completed, I feel that we as young women are progressing at the power of simple beauty. The more breathable the clothes, the more we are able to get done. Also, I feel that the confidence needed to be seen in loungewear is a good practice for branding. It’s appreciated when a business owner, CEO, or any type of boss can display normalcy.

Let me clear up what exactly I mean by loungewear! I am not speaking of pajamas, or anything that you consider bed clothes, but I am speaking on “regular” clothes such as blue jeans, t-shirts, leggings, and other casual wear. For example, the idea of the stacked legging is one my favorite trends at the moment.

With everything transitioning due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is important that we feel our best as we have to work twice as hard to keep up with our normal routines, from home. The stylish loungewear that has been introduced to us over the years allow us to let our hair down, feel confident, comfy, and secure with who we are. Our look shouldn’t define whether or not we are professional enough, if our work does the job.

-Teiatra Davis

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