3 Women Grants Every Aspiring Girl Boss Should Know About!

As we all know, starting a business is the first step towards being your own boss and making a lot of money! However, before you can make the big bucks, you will more than likely have to spend some big bucks! This is totally normal when starting a business being that you have to take care of your start up cost, production of goods, you may even need a budget for employees, office space, the list goes on! Most people take out loans to help front some of the cost for these expenses, but we are here to give you some other options! Did you know that there are female grants out there that help fund FEMALE owned business? Well if you didn't, you do now! Check out these five amazing grants that you can apply for below!

1. The Eileen-Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant

Eileen-Fisher awards five women with grants up to $120,000. To be considered for this grant, yours must be a woman-owned company that promotes social and environmental change. Your business must have existed for at least three years, and you cannot have earned more than $1 million in annual profits.

2. Mission Main Street Project

Tech giant Google and finance leader Chase offer over $3 million in grants to 20 businesses each year. The sponsors have been recognized for their commitment to progressive goals in the past, and women and minorities have successfully obtained funding. The Mission Main Street Project awards $150,000 grants to winners.

3. Huggies Grant for Ambitious Mothers

Huggies has a special grant for all the MOMpreneurswho create innovate products and who are "inspired by the joys of motherhood." Twelve mothers are awarded $15,000 grants each year.

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